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Gone again... to Groningen

Sitting near a window, I sleepily gazed out as we left Amsterdam on a Sunday afternoon. We were heading North via train on a two and a half hour trip to Groningen , for Verse iTal ’s next gig. Normally I would have curled up and had a blissful nap but we had to change trains in half an hour. Besides, I thought, “When next would I have the opportunity to gaze out and see the Netherlands landscape roll by?” We arrived to a cold and rainy Groningen and waited for DJ D-ONE, a Trini guy from the Herbalize it Sound System , and his girlfriend to meet us at the train station. While waiting, we marveled at the number of bicycles that had been left at the station. I don’t think I have ever seen that many bikes together in my life. All of them parked and chained outside the station as their owners probably went to some other town via train. When they arrived, our hosts informed us that this was a normal sight in this university town, as Groningen is known as the “World Cycling City”.

Emptiness by Verse iTal

This is a video I made for the Trinidadian singer Verse iTal for his song "Emptiness". This, along with 11 tracks are on his latest Album "The Fullness". The video is comprised of still photographs, some strung together to create motion. Verse iTal's Album can be purchased on itunes at: Enjoy!

Albert Cuyp Market

Weaving between the thick crowd, my eyes darted from booth to booth marveling at all the products that were on offer at this bustling market. Here, one could satisfy both shopping cravings and food cravings all at once!  Stalls that line both side of the street sell a wide variety of items from clothes, fabric, suitcases, flowers, incense, toiletries, glasses and movies. While stalls selling food items like meat, cheese, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, chocolates, cake, local snacks and fresh juice are all mixed in between. Located on Albert Cuypstraat, the market is pretty easy to find but a good marker is that it is very near to the Heineken Experience . When you pass the Heineken brewery and continue walking on Ferdinand Bolstraat, you will soon see a sign pointing you towards the market. Otherwise, ask around and you will be sure to find it in no time!  We visited the market twice and did some shopping and sampling of the local snack Stroopwafel both times. Stroopwafel is


Hey guys, I am giving away one small keepsake from the countries I have visited! All you have to do is comment on one or more posts and after I have finished blogging about a country I will choose a name at random! The more you comment the better your chances are! First up, a small keep sake from Amsterdam! Thanks to all those who are commenting and reading the blog! Love, Peace and Joy!  

Cafe The Zen

Heading out into the cold, we made our way to the bus stop, which was conveniently located right outside our flat. This was my first Saturday night in Amsterdam and I was not going to let a little cold weather dampen my spirits. Bundled up, Verse iTal and I headed East to Molukkenstraat where he had another gig lined up! This one was at Café The Zen and was supposed to be easier to find than the last venue. Looking out the window I was slightly worried though, as it seemed we were heading into a residential area, but at our stop we walked confidently across the street as the DJ had instructed. On the corner, as promised, we found the Surinamese owned Café The Zen. I liked the vibe of the café as soon as I entered. Reggae music filled the room and a few people were socializing along the long bar while others sat chatting around tables creating a really vibrant atmosphere. The owner greeted us with a large smile and told us the drinks we just ordered were on the house. The DJ’s