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The Heineken Experience

This was the first museum we visited, although the description says it’s technically not a museum but an ‘experience’. After a quick tram ride from our flat it was a lovely short stroll to the old Heineken brewery (which was easy to find, as there is no way you can miss the huge Heineken sign). The line to buy the tickets was pretty long but it moved swiftly. The cost to enter was €17 for adults but with a coupon found in a tourist attraction book we paid €15 for one ticket (yay for discounts). Along with your tickets you are given a green Heineken band that allows you to get two free drinks after the self-guided tour.  Slipping the band on our hands we had no idea what to expect and we were excited to get started on the experience! The Heineken brewery is well worth a visit even for non-drinking folks.  Being one of the most successful and internationally known beer brands, Heineken has such a deep-rooted history in Holland and the tour presents this and information about the

"She Call Me Nyquil"

Verse iTal performing "Nyquil" with a sneak peak of one of his upcoming releases "Never Hurt".

"We're looking for Jah Bar."

On the day I arrived in Amsterdam there wasn’t a lot of time for rest and relaxation as Verse iTal had a performance scheduled for that night at Jah Bar. He had been staying in Amsterdam for about 10 days at this point so he had a general knowledge of how to get around using the plethora of public transport options. With a 24-hour pass (€7,50) you can jump between the bus, the tram and the metro. Also available are the usual personal transport options of driving a car and hailing a taxi but one neat feature is that Amsterdam has a huge bike culture where on most streets a bike lane is available making it easier to navigate the city via bike. Stepping into the cold we easily made our way on a tram to Weibaustraat 150, the address where Jah Bar was supposedly located. Standing in front of number 150, no bar was in sight! At this point we started asking a few people for guidance and received a variety of answers all pointing us in conflicting directions. The tall residential look

From Trini to Amsterdam

Dinner time on the plane from New York to London Within a week I had flown from Trinidad to New York to London to Amsterdam. On paper it sounded fabulous, easy even, like I was a glamorous jet setter going from point A to B. (I pictured a fresh faced Rihanna arriving at an exotic location camera ready and put together). In actuality by the time I arrived in Amsterdam I felt tired and my internal clock was utterly confused. My back ached from my failed attempt to pack light and I wouldn’t call my look glamorous at that point! With hardly any time for sleep I excitedly threw myself into a world wind of activities from walking around in the cold trying to find where Verse iTal ’s gigs were to sightseeing. Sleep or no sleep I am enjoying Amsterdam and I am ready to share it with you all. Have any of you been to Amsterdam? What should I check out? Giving thanks for another opportunity to travel! Peace, Love & Joy!