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Verse iTal on LionFace Radio

Not many people can say that when they visited Amsterdam they went to local radio stations. Yeah, not a normal stop on the tourist trail I know, but when you’re rolling with Verse iTal , radio interviews are on the schedule. The first interview was on the two-hour reggae show ‘ LionFace Radio ’ and I was very impressed as we walked into their professional studio. Ras Mikeyy, the host of the show, was already on air when we arrived and Verse jumped right in as his special guest. With DJ Orangekid mixing the tunes, Verse iTal sang live in the studio and the online fans responded right away expressing their enjoyment of the vibes he brought. We were very grateful for the opportunity for iTal to be on the radio while in Amsterdam. Big thanks to Ania for putting Verse in touch with Ras Mikeyy! Here are some photos from the interview. A video of Verse in studio is coming soon! Verse iTal in the studio  Ras Mikeyy live and direct on the mike Verse iTal in studio with Ras

Biking through the canals

Amsterdam is such an interesting city. With so much to see and explore, it is so easy for visitors to keep themselves entertained. A very unique way to discover the city is via the canals that run through it. You can take a boat tour through the canals learning the history of the city and seeing the sights from the vantage point of the water. You can get a day pass for the canal buses to hop on and hop off at various ports near to your chosen destination. You can also have a canal cruise where you relax and enjoy a delicious meal. Can’t you picture yourself enjoying a pizza party with friends as you embark on an evening cruise? Another option exists though, and after a day of sightseeing Verse still had room for more adventure and suggested we rent some Canal Bikes . For 8 Euros, you can rent the canal bike for 1 hour and have the luxury of dropping it off at another mooring lower down in the canal system. In these 4-seater bikes, the front two people pedal just like you would