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Verse iTal on Get Mixed Radio

Verse iTal’s third radio interview in the Netherlands was on Get Mixed Radio . When we arrived at the studio, host and Dj Ras Sjamaan had already started the 3-hour show that airs every Thursday (8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.) and specializes in reggae and dancehall music. The station’s studio was amazing. Get Mixed Radio not only broadcasts the audio feed but tapes video as well. The set was therefore professionally lit with a multi camera setup. A large screen projected the video as the camera angles changed throughout the show. During the interview Verse sang four songs live: Blue print , Spring Water , Nyquil and his unreleased new tune “Never Hurt”.  A big thanks goes out to Ras Mikeyy for organizing this interview! We really appreciate it! Here are a few pictures of Verse in the studio. Verse iTal in the Get Mixed Radio Station Verse iTal in the Get Mixed Radio Station Verse singing live on air Giving a great performance to the listeners Vers

Bikes of all shapes and sizes!

The people of Amsterdam love their bicycles! Bike lanes crisscross the city and huge bike garages offer good options for parking. There are also several bike rental companies from which to choose. Bikes are parked on almost every street and just like the canals they help to make up the unique landscape of the city. Everyday we marveled at the different types of bikes the locals rode and even more so at the variety of people from all walks of life who opt to ride rather than drive or use public transport. I mean, there were ladies dressed in their work clothes, happily riding along with a baby in a seat at the front of the bike and a toddler in the seat at the back. It came as no surprise when we stumbled upon a bike expo while walking around the city one day. De Fietsfabriek , one of the top bicycle factories that create handmade bikes, had some of their cool and interesting designs on display.  Do you guys like to ride? What would your unique bike design be? Here are a few of the i