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Behind The Scenes- Xhosa Band Photoshoot

I felt like we drove around the entire island. I was tagging along on a photoshoot for Xhosa the new Crop Over band and as we moved from location to location, I could not help but be enthralled by the beautiful landscape that unfolded around me. In the past, I always thought of Barbados , as the flat island with the crystal clear blue water, but in recent visits my eyes have been opened to the differing landscapes that this small island possesses. Dramatic rocky cliffs that plunge into the sea below, rough tumultuous water on the wide beaches of the East coast and gently rising hills that showcase breathtaking views of the coast in the distance or take you on a bumpy yet peace inducing drive through the country. For this crop over, the new Bajan band premieres with six sections led by LehWeGoSleek , Esquire Entertainment  (‪#‎XhosaCares‬), Punchy Punch , Richard Rollocks, SCORCH Bim and Roasted Entertainment . They are shaking things up as two of the section leaders are based on