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Destination Governor’s Beach

On our first morning in Cyprus , we wanted to visit a nearby beach and the front desk staff at our hotel in Limassol highly recommended we check out one called Governor’s Beach. My LonelyPlanet guidebook on Cyprus also wrote favorable things about this beach so we jumped into the car and started out on our first day’s adventure. Along the way we stopped in a neighborhood to double check we were headed in the correct direction. Choosing a nearby police station to do this, Verse created quite the commotion as he entered. While I sat in the car wondering what was taking so long he was old talking and laughing with the friendly officers who wanted to know what brought him all the way to Cyprus, about his life and his music. One officer even took out his cell phone to take a picture of him to show his son who loves reggae music and Bob Marley . Reassured we were heading the right way we got back on the highway and soon arrived at the beach. Verse saw the beach firs

Tell dem we reach! Cyprus!

We arrived at Pafos International Airport late at night. Even after approx. 4 and half hours of flying, excitement still reigned over our tiredness. I mean we were half way across the world with a 6-hour time difference from Trinidad and we had no idea what to expect. On the plane they announced that Easy Jet passengers get a discount on a car rental so after collecting our bags we made a beeline for the car company’s booth. My research made it seem that buses ran frequently in the main cities and it should be no problem getting around but with the discount we were receiving, the fact that there were no shuttle buses at that hour and the price of a taxi to get from the airport to our hotel in Limassol (a forty minute drive) being ridiculously high, it seemed to make more sense to rent a car. (Good thing we did rent one because during our entire stay in Limassol we saw maybe one bus). After we checked into our self-catering one-bedroom hotel apartment we wandered out in