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Amsterdam by Bike

Amsterdam, like many cities in Holland, is known for its bike riding culture. As I mentioned in an earlier post , people from all walks of life ride happily along the designated bike lanes that crisscross the city. From the time we arrived Verse was super keen to rent bikes and explore. Unfortunately, Amsterdam had gotten colder when we finally had time to bike ride but we couldn’t let the opportunity pass.  Bundling up, we went to the well-known Mac Bike rental company at Central station and started our adventure on our bright red (we are obviously tourists) bikes! Verse is a seasoned bike rider, while I… let’s say… am still marinating. While Verse whizzed ahead loving every moment, I shakily and timidly trailed behind trying to get accustomed to riding in the busy city. (As we rode out the Mac Bikes door, a tram nearly flattened me!) I had to look out for buses, trams, cars, pedestrians and other bike riders while trying to get the hang of my wobbly bike. After lea