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Relive and Reveal- Fort King George

In this Relive and Reveal, segment I am sharing a shoot I did in Tobago. Various parts of the Dutch soldier’s uniforms were spread all over the furniture of a family friends living room to air out. We were in Tobago for a shoot for the Citizens for Conservation calendar and we were lucky to have access to these costumes that were used previously for a documentary about Tobago . The Lighthouse on the grounds of Fort King George The shoot had been organized weeks in advance and our helpful liaison K had everything set for us when we arrived. After another shoot for the calendar in the morning, we were to arrive at Fort King George in the afternoon to meet four young school children and four members from the Tobago Cadets who were going to wear the Dutch soldiers outfits. The theme for the calendar was to promote our natural and built heritage sites and each shoot included people utilizing the spaces to highlight the fact that these spaces can be sustainably managed and ser