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Sipping to Happiness

In my house tea is king! We may have a small selection of coffee (okay…maybe only one type) to offer you when you visit and you can brew it in a machine that was bought in the 80’s. But when it comes to tea, we have a plethora of types to choose from. Just take a glance in the tea chest or in the cupboard and you can even choose what you want to steep it in. As I said, we live on tea here! Tea tastes great and keeps you warm on a cold day. Even more importantly it is beneficial for many health reasons and can be a terrific natural mood booster! Next time your boss springs an unreasonable deadline on you and you want to explode, decide instead to take a tea break! Have your spouse and your kids driven you close to your breaking point? Before you put them all up for adoption turn on the kettle and pick up a tea bag! Tea can even chase your blues away. Choose your herbs fresh from the garden, in a dried form or from the grocery in ready-made tea bags. The aroma and the properties in t

Pause and Center


Happiness Contract

I first heard of the author Michael Singer and his book "The Untethered Soul" on Oprah’s programme “Super Soul Sunday”. On the show he spoke about the fact that we are not the thoughts that are constantly running through our heads but that the ‘real’ us is the one listening to the thoughts. I was so intrigued by his words and for the next few days all I could notice was my thoughts. I must admit I began to get slightly creeped out as the chatter continued. “Who is this being that is listening to the thoughts in my head?” I had no clue! I rushed out and bought the book! As I read I couldn’t help but message M.E. at odd times of the night to share passages I just read! Below is one of my favorite passages from the book. I’ve always believed that happiness is a choice but somehow the way the author explained it here made a new light shine on the topic for me. Happiness is not only a choice but also a promise or a contract that you make to yourself that no matter what happens y