Meditation Moments

Singing at the Spring We can spend time in nature to regain balance, to de-stress, to remember who we are and to gain a new perspective. Meditation really works for me but for those who find it’s hard to sit in silence during the day, make an effort to get into nature regularly.  Four-Step Mantra: On the first in-breath say to yourself, “In this perfect moment.” On the first out-breath, say, “dwells my perfect peace.” On the second in-breath, say, “I cherish this perfect moment.” On the second out-breath, say, “I cherish this perfect peace.” What is your favorite nature spot? Share in the comments below!  

Total Local 2018 Christmas List

Brought to you by the 2019 Calendar by Ariann Mieka Photography . I believe in creating local content that features the culture, history and beauty of our country. All of my calendars thus far have focused on T&T and they have even been printed locally as well! I am in good company when it comes to creating and producing products locally with love, passion and dedication.  This Christmas season, I wanted to do a series that showcases products and artists who hail from sweet T&T and offer items that would make excellent gifts for loved ones! Buying for people both home and abroad, these are great ideas for the different types of people on your list! There are ALOT of great local brands in T&T and below are just a few. Find them online (IG pages linked up below!), in store or at various pop up markets during the season. Bene Caribe   CLOTHING Talk about vibrant colours – the Bene Caribe pieces really embody Caribbean style. Beautiful, bright patterns (includi

Behind the Scenes- Xhosa Barbados Photoshoot 2017

Excitement, Feathers and Good Vibes I was in Barbados for the Crop Over Band Xhosa’s   photo shoot and launch for the third time and as always I refrained from sneaking a peak at images of the costumes before hand so I could be surprised when the models were completely ready. I was not disappointed as each designer created unique pieces to portray this year’s theme of “Pure”. By now people know what to expect when it comes to Xhosa Barbados  - Beautiful costumes, great service and most importantly plenty vibes on the road! I can’t wait to see the band on the road next week Monday for Kadooment Day , which is the culmination of the Crop Over Festival Season. Looking through these images, I must admit I’m a little jealous that I won’t be wining down next week in one of these costumes! Lights, Camera, Action The shoot this year was held over two days at one location- Infinity on the Beach . This boutique hotel is conveniently located on the gap, which meant food, the beach and

Beachcombing on Marianne Beach

The wide trail to the beach was sandwiched between a dense mix of vegetation that included what looked like mangrove and an array of beautiful local flowers. The thick foliage captured my attention and my eyes darted from side to side marveling at the plants. Nearing the end of the trail, I looked in front of me and caught a glimpse of the Marianne beach. I smiled and the wind blew as if to greet me. “Welcome to paradise,” it whispered.  L: Marianne Beach, Blanchichesse, R: A lone coconut on the sand The waves rolling in at Marianne Beach Our country possesses some of most beautiful places in the world and Blanchisseuse is certainly on the list. Exploring this small scenic village, in the north coast of Trinidad, you find that adventure and breathtaking views are always right around the corner. Spreading a mat down on the sand I was filled with a joy that can only come from being within an oasis!  Beautiful Scenery at the beach Ma