Total Local 2018 Christmas List

Brought to you by the 2019 Calendar by Ariann Mieka Photography.

I believe in creating local content that features the culture, history and beauty of our country. All of my calendars thus far have focused on T&T and they have even been printed locally as well! I am in good company when it comes to creating and producing products locally with love, passion and dedication.  This Christmas season, I wanted to do a series that showcases products and artists who hail from sweet T&T and offer items that would make excellent gifts for loved ones! Buying for people both home and abroad, these are great ideas for the different types of people on your list! There are ALOT of great local brands in T&T and below are just a few. Find them online (IG pages linked up below!), in store or at various pop up markets during the season.

Bene Caribe 
Talk about vibrant colours – the Bene Caribe pieces really embody Caribbean style. Beautiful, bright patterns (including handmade batik) are used to create pieces that are modern and comfortable. Part proceeds even go to Charity! Shop online or check them out at The Normandie Hotel, St Ann’s. 
Connect with them on IG: Benecaribe | Website: 

Immortelle Beauty 
I love scents. Scented candles, lotions, scrubs, oils, body butters, shower gels…I want them all and this brand has all of that and more in amazing scents! Beautifully packaged and super luxurious, these high-quality cosmetics are made completely in T&T and transport you to your dream spa within moments! With interesting combos like Agave + Hibiscus, Citron + Granadilla, Pomelo + Coco Crème and my favourite Tea + Thyme, check out their stock online or at Christmas markets this season! 
Connect with them on IG: immortellebeauty | Website:

Sew Lisa
This brand creates such beautiful pieces!  The designer is an artist at combining bold, bright prints in a way that is harmonious and effervescent. Known for the uber cool “Rori wrap belts” that come in many different options (and practically make any outfit they are added to), this brand is definitely one to check out for the ladies on your gift list. 
Connect on IG: sew_lisa | Website:

EJ Designs
Beaded bracelets, long hanging earrings made of mixed materials, this handmade jewelry is one of a kind and eye catching. The designer also hosts different types of art workshops throughout the year which may be a great gift for a crafty person on your list! 
Connect on IG: ej.designs | Website:

African Ark
This brand has a huge selection of handmade beauties and each one is unique and bold! Bracelets, rings, earrings, you can find something for a couple people on your list. African Ark usually pops up at a couple markets during the season so there are many opportunities to peruse the designer’s pieces! 
Connect on IG: africanarkjewellery | Website:

Shop Shari
Bright, Bright, Beautiful and Bright! All of the pieces in this brand are statement pieces, the smallest of which can be added to any outfit and make it fabulous. I mean look at those earrings pictured!! Kimonos, dresses, jewellry, sandals, necklaces this brand has something for everyone. 
Connect on IG:

The Youthful Vegan 
There are so many limes happening over the season and I am sure you have many friends or family members that are health conscious and vegan. Whether it’s just a small get together or an office party, the youthful vegan is an amazing choice to get delicious food. They cater and also have super tasty, carefully crafted meals, at a couple outlets such as The Happy Gourmet in Valpark, Fresh Organics and Starlite in Maraval, Conscious Café in the Queens Park Oval and Vanilla bean Gourmet in Chaguanas. 
Connect on IG: youthful_vegan | Website:
Citizens for Conservation 
As part of a series of limited-edition collectibles, Citizens for Conservation has beautiful hand done copper heritage ornaments! This is the 2nd one in the collection and shows the beautiful QRC building. Such a perfect gift for anyone on your list, especially those who love the heritage of our country! Call 345-6444 or 316-7767 to place your order! 
Facebook: Citizens for Conservation Trinidad and Tobago

Amanda's Custom Cakes
Bouche de Noel, Christmas Present Fondant Cake, Trusted Black Forest Cake and Opera Cake are some of the delicious cakes on offer this Christmas from Amanda’s Custom Cakes. As soon as you read the descriptions, you are going to want to order one of each for gifts and entertaining. 
Connect on IG: amandasdessert

I’m sure many people have someone on their list that is a big music lover. Buying an album for someone is not only an easy gift but one that they will be able to enjoy for a long time!  With online purchasing and delivery, these four artists that hail from T&T, have a variety of styles between them. Check them out to find the perfect musical gift for someone! 

Reggae Lovers: Verse iTal’s new album 100% Roots

Jazz Crowd: Etienne Charles Christmas album “Creole Christmas”

Mixture of Styles: Free Town Collective’s Album Born in Darkness

Island Soul: This one is a little different. Although you can hear a couple of Solman’s songs online, he is currently raising funds to produce an EP. For $25US, you can preorder this EP, which by just listening to his vibes, is going to be enchanting. With this being the season of giving, this is surely a win win for everyone! Check out his campaign and discover the ways you can participate:

Ariann Mieka Photography
Our nation’s natural beauty and its music are two of its greatest assets. This year, I am featuring 12 of some of the beautiful and varied landscapes found in Trinidad and Tobago. I have chosen to promote 12 of the many songs which invoke nostalgia and pride in not only our culture but also in our beautiful country. I wish in this way to pay tribute to all our beloved musicians and thank them for their invaluable contribution. I hope you are motivated to play the full tracks from these songs as you enjoy the imagery throughout 2019. Available at Paper Based Book Store at Normandie Hotel in St. Anns or Rainy Days in Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval and in Tobago from Petal 684-1908. Email to order as well.
Connect on IG: mynorthsea | Website:


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