Behind the Scenes- Xhosa Barbados Photoshoot 2017

Excitement, Feathers and Good Vibes
I was in Barbados for the Crop Over Band Xhosa’s photo shoot and launch for the third time and as always I refrained from sneaking a peak at images of the costumes before hand so I could be surprised when the models were completely ready. I was not disappointed as each designer created unique pieces to portray this year’s theme of “Pure”. By now people know what to expect when it comes to Xhosa Barbados - Beautiful costumes, great service and most importantly plenty vibes on the road! I can’t wait to see the band on the road next week Monday for Kadooment Day, which is the culmination of the Crop Over Festival Season. Looking through these images, I must admit I’m a little jealous that I won’t be wining down next week in one of these costumes!

Lights, Camera, Action
The shoot this year was held over two days at one location- Infinity on the Beach. This boutique hotel is conveniently located on the gap, which meant food, the beach and (maybe most essential of all) cocktails were all located within walking distance. 

Infinity on the Beach, Venue for the photoshoot
The photo shoot ran smoothly and I loved seeing the very cool, calm and talented photographer Ikenna Douglas, do his thing. The glam team worked their magic as always and all the models looked stunning as they walked on set. 

Ikenna Douglas, the photographer, doing his thing

Makeup Artist Melissa Deane (Top), Hair Stylist Gigi Farier (Bottom Left), Make Up Artist Shauna (Bottom Right)

The team working hard on the set

Degree deodorant kept everyone so fresh and so clean
Camera Ready

Smiles on Set

Scorching! Section: SCORCH ORO designed by Marie Collette
St Ives and Degree helping the fellahs get ready for the shoot

Elysium designed by Christian Boucaud

Top L: JEWEL OF THE SEA designed by Simone Michelle, Top R: Xhosa team on set, Bottom L: Richard Rollocks team, Bottom R: LA SIRENE designed by Alyssa Goddard and Caleb Straker

Kool Kids Take one...Take two

As I pulled the models to the side to take a few portraits I marveled at how they all seemed to glow in the photographs. 

L: LA SIRENE CL: OBSIDIAN Section Leader: Island Fusion
Designer: Marlon Smart and Zenobia La Borde, CR: JEWEL OF THE SEA Section Leader: Esquire Entertainment & Xhosa Cares  Designer: Simone Michelle R: ELYSIUM Section Leader: Xhosa Barbados Designer: Christian Boucaud

L: SPECTRUM Section Leader: Richard Rollocks, Designer: Humzee, CL: MERLENIA, CR: SPECTRUM, R: RA Section Leader: Punchy Punch  Designer: Rawle Permanand

Section Leader: SCORCH Bim, Designer: Marie Collette 

L: LUNA ROSE Section Leader: Glitz Entertainment Designer: Rawle Permanand R: DAI DAI Section Leader: Xhosa Barbados Designer: Carla Gittens

Having only one location for the photo shoot meant that it finished quicker than the previous years and therefore I got to enjoy the beach and a few more rum punches in between before the day of the launch.

Beachy Views on the Gap

Reality Stars
Xhosa continues to be innovative, as every year they introduce new aspects to their brand. This year they produced a reality show that followed several designers as they carried out challenges in the hope of being chosen to have their design become one of this year’s sections. The winners of the competition created a very interesting design and their costume entitled La Sirene, joined the nine other sections for this year’s presentation.

Alyssa Goddard looking on as they shoot her design LA SIRENE . Alyssa and her husband Caleb Straker won the Xhosa Design Challenge Season 1

The Launch
The launch was held at St. Ann’s Fort and I was eager to check out the beach nearby before backstage started to get busy. 

Beautiful Beach by the Fort
Launch time!

Launch time!

Backstage was so well set up and I think that set the precedent for the rest of the night as the show went off without a hitch. The vibe was at 100 as the models energetically showcased the costumes. You could tell some of the models were professional dancers as they quick stepped their way across the stage in high heels without missing a beat. Big props to Xhosa as all shapes were once again represented in their campaign and on stage. I look forward to other islands (especially T&T) following suit by including curvy “plus sized” models in their showcase, as this would better represent our Caribbean aesthetic. 

Glam Backstage

Backstage Beauties 

Backstage Beauties 

Getting Ready for the show

Backstage Shenanigans

Sections ready to go! 

Next Year for Sure!
For all those lucky enough to be heading over to Barbados and playing with Xhosa, take a wine for me and a Rum punch or two. I know I can trust y’all to not just pose but to party!! Follow Xhosa on Social media to see the band on the road! Who’s going to Crop Over next year?

Honorable Mention
Slightly off topic but it did happen behind the scenes! Gotta love Gigi's Style! Shout out!

Hairstylist Gigi always brings the fashion vibe on set


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