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Meditation Time: Insight Timer App

While reading a magazine recently I came across a segment that gave single women advice and inspiration on choosing new adventures. They featured a woman who travelled the world alone, another that built her own house (putting in the electricity and plumbing alone and all!) and one who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. I read all the stories in awe but the one that struck a cord with me the most that day was about a woman who took up the challenge to meditate for a month (like all day long) at a retreat. I had been looking for some new guided meditation sessions or an inspiring meditation program I could read in the attempts to accomplish my goal of meditating every day. In the tips section of the article they mentioned the Insight Timer App so I researched it online and gladly paid the $2.99US to add it to my iPad. (For the iPhone and Android there is a free version and one for $2.99US as well). Unfortunately, the iPad version didn’t feature the guided meditation option but I decided to

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