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Heading to Cyprus

My thirtieth birthday was approaching quickly and I knew I wanted to celebrate in a big way. We were already in Europe so I had many exciting destinations to choose from for my weeklong celebration. Greece and Santorini were high on the list until we saw their projected temperatures for our week of travel.  With the days being 16°C/ 60°F, my vision of lying at the beach, baking in the sun while enjoying my birthday cake vanished. Verse, thinking quickly, did a Google search for “The hottest place in Europe” and many sites about Cyprus came up. As we began to do more research, my sun kissed vision returned as this destination's temperature was much warmer than our previous choices. The island, which is divided into the two-thirds Greek territory in the south and the one-third Turkish territory in the north sounded like the best option. We booked our flights, packed our bags and got ready for an unforgettable birthday adventure in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus! 

Amsterdam Giveaway!

Now that I am finished blogging about my visit to Amsterdam, its time to choose a lucky person for the Giveaway! I have written down all the names of the people who have commented (those who I can figure out), put them in a hat (well more like a microwave food cover lol) and chosen one at random! The winner is: Caribbean Passion !! A little keepsake I purchased in Amsterdam plus a small print of one of my favorite Amsterdam scenes is coming your way! Keep commenting on the next countries’ articles for more chances to win!  The more you comment the better your chances! Thanks to all the people who have been reading and commenting on my blog! It’s been so much fun sharing my images with you guys! Love, Peace & Joy! 

Amsterdam wrap up

We had such a wonderful time in Amsterdam. To everyone who made our stay so delightful, a great big hug and many thank you’s! Special shout out to “P” for accommodating us in your wonderful flat! Staying there was so convenient and gave us an insight as to what it would be like to live in your lovely city. I also want to big up Verse iTal for all the great performances that kept the people jamming at every show! Keep going strong on your musical journey! I chose a few pics that I took around Amsterdam to wrap up the trip to this great city! Enjoy!  So many beautiful neighborhoods to explore The city boasts many wonderful statues Lots of people gather to take photos by the 'I amsterdam' sign. The large sign sits in front of the Rijksmuseum.   I amsterdam is a motto for the city.  We got in the action too, climbing all over the letters! Verse at Museumplein, a square which houses three of the most important museums in the city A typic